Yoga Teachers at Chinmay Yoga

Chinmay Yoga makes sure that you learn and gain knowledge from the best teachers in India. We believe in imparting knowledge to our students in the best way possible.



Hatha Yoga Teacher

Amit Rehela
Amit Hails grew up in Himachal Pradesh - The land of saints, spiritual seekers and wanderers. Influenced by the surrounding he started his practise at an early age and continued under the guidance of few Indian guru’s. He learned in Valley of Dharamshala (Mcleodganj) and rishikesh. Having spent a couple of years with his masters, being exposed to different styles of adepts and teachers from all over the world he grew his deep understanding and experience. This helped him to develop his unique vigorous teaching style that blends traditional Hatha yoga (Iyengar style), with more intense modern flows Based ashtanga vinyasa.

In his personal life, Amit deeply believes and duly follows the yogic philosophy that is expressed in humble attitude filled up with readiness to help others. He brings care and individualized approach into his most challenging classes meeting the needs of the students of all levels.

He teaches Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga, he also takes Art of Teaching.

Yogi Buddhi Prakash

Yogi Buddhi Prakash

Meditation Teacher

Born in a family of enlighted souls, Yogi Buddhi Prakash Ji’ hunger for oneness with God, during his childhood was not a surprise.His ardent desire was accomplished with an achievement of Samadhi (oneness) at the tender age of seven.

During these efforts to achieve the supreme, he came to know about his past life in the Holy lap of Himalayas. He got an innervoice to pass this way of eternal joy and peace which is the ultimate goal for everyone on the earth but unfortunately was not approachable to common people.As a result "Prakash Yoga Sewa Trust,” was established, where he is passionate to teach easy ways to attain complete health-physically, mentally and spiritually by means of yoga asanas and meditation.Holding a Degree in Hindi Literature (M.A.), Yoga.

Philosophy (M.A.), Yoga (D.N.Y.S), and Transcendental Meditation.