Looking for a quick yoga session? These asanas will refresh you in no time!

It is quite common to see people crib about lack of time and how they are not able to devote any time for themselves. The drastic shift in lifestyle of people and professional commitments hardly leave any leisure time. Health and fitness are major aspects of our well being sadly being ignored by many. It is essential to take out some time and invest for our mental and physical well being.

15-Minute Yoga Routine at Chinmay Yoga

Yoga is hands down the best way to relax and rejuvenate our senses from the hectic schedule along with having positive effects on our body. If you have a tied up routine and can’t afford to devote an hour for Yoga, no need to get disappointed. You can invest in these simple Yoga asanas to have a great day full of energy and vigour. After all, considering the many benefits that Yoga offer, wouldn’t it be a fair deal to invest 15-20 minutes of your day!

  • Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic tilt is an easy asana which stretched the hips, back and hamstrings which are the problem areas for many individuals. First few tilts will let you know any signs of stiffness or lower back pain but after 10 – 20 rounds you will get in to tune. Keep them doing till you go with the flow and feel good.

Pelvic Tilts at Chinmay Yoga

  • Cat-cow stretches

The cat-cow stretches will further warm up your back. The cat-cow extends the pelvis movement to the entire spine which helps in awakening the whole body. It is essential to inhale while you arch our back and exhale while you round your spine. Initiate every movement from tailbone and move your head the last.

Cat-cow stretches at Chinmay Yoga

  • Downward facing Dog

Here you press your back downwards and hold the position for few seconds. You can also pedal the legs by bending one knee and then vice versa. Hold the pose for at least 5 to 10 breaths.

Downward facing Dog at Chinmay Yoga

  • Lunges

Fitness enthusiasts would vouch for the goodness of lunges. Step the right foot forward and come to a low lunge. For a nice stretch drop the back knee down on floor. If you wish to work on the hamstrings, keep your back leg straight.

Lunges at Chinmay Yoga

  • Mountain and raised arm pose

Do a forward bend and while your knees are in bending position roll up and stand slowly in the tadasana i.e. Mountain pose. Here you can also go for half sun salutation. If you have some time you can also go for full sun salutation i.e. surya namaskar.

Now take the arms out from mountain pose and stretch them up to ceiling. Now press the palms together for Urdhava hastasana.

YTT in Dharamsala

  • Your own asana

Ask your own body what asana it requires today and focus your attention right there. You don’t really need to perfect any asana, just do what feels right at that moment. You can also work on improving the tough asanas as spending few minutes each day makes significant difference.

Your own asana at Chinmay Yoga

  • Corpse pose

Once you are done with the asanas, rest for few minutes in the corpse pose or savasana. Savasana lets your body absorb all the benefits of the Yoga practice before you continue with your routine.

YTT in India

Over a period of time you will start witnessing the positive benefits of Yoga in your daily life. If you wish to master the nuances and techniques of yoga, Yoga teacher’s training in Dharamsala is the perfect destination. The 200 hour yoga teacher training course will make you a certified trainer along with offering a memorable experience.

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