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5 Incredible Yoga asana to correct the posture in no time

We have always been advised by our elders to stop slouching and keep our back erect. But, often we tend to slouch even without realizing because we are not in habit of sitting and standing straight. Thanks to our lifestyle, we end up as hunchbacks due t constantly working on computers and looking at our […]

The 9 classifications of yoga you need to know about!

Yoga has been accepted widely as an essential part of the modern lifestyle. Though Yoga has its origin in India, the yoga trend has caught a wave in western part of the world as well! The health conscious people engage in one or other forms of workout, but yoga is more than an exercise. Yoga […]

Hollywood actresses who vouch for the goodness of yoga!

Yoga has transformed many lives and even actresses are a no exception to that. Every profession is demanding and comes with its own pros and cons. The glamorous profession can also take a toll on the mental and physical health of the actors. Yoga has helped many actors in restoring their health and maintaining their […]