YTTC at Rishikesh


Place yourself amidst the most divine surroundings and get wrapped in serenity while practicing the ancient art of Yoga. As soon as one steps into the beautiful Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, they are enveloped by the holiness that is very palpable in the air of this majestic city. It is extremely difficult to not get mesmerized as one listens to sounds of the flowing river Ganges from anywhere in the city, sees people practicing yoga asanas alongside the banks and observes people meditating on the Himalayan trails while visiting the mountain ranges around Rishikesh.

There are so many things that rapt people completely when onr visits the land Rishikesh. Apart from its reputation for the pilgrims, it is not only home to ancient yogic wisdom but also to its rich legacy. A number of celebrated yogic gurus hail from Rishikesh. Coming here will give a lot of benefits to those who share a passion for yoga, owing to its plethora of highly experienced yoga gurus who have devoted their life to this ancient practice. This will give students the benefit of gaining firsthand knowledge from the finest.

It will be an opportunity to immerse yourself completely in an environment of spirituality and divinity. Through our 200-Hours Yoga Teacher program conducted here, the students will be rendered the chance to unravel the layers of this ancient art through our scientific and traditional methods, both. While the ambience and the hospitable people of Rishikesh are extremely welcoming, we give an even more fruitful reason for our fellow yoga practitioners to join us in our 200 hours teacher training program in Rishikesh.

God Cow Rishikesh


Rishikesh, being the capital of Yoga has a lot more to offer other than Yoga, you can indulge in following activities after the course:

Ganga, which is the mother of rivers for Indians, flows through Rishikesh. Its waters are believed to be extremely holy and sacred. It is believed that bathing in the water of Ganga washes away all the sins and makes the person sacrosanct. Every evening, the city comes together on the northern bank and performs the Ganga aarti. It is an extremely spiritual and uplifting experience as a number of people chant and are performing this beautiful divine ceremony together. Besides, the most well known aarti takes place in Rishikesh, at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Here, unlike at Haridwar and Varanasi, it is a more intimate aarti as it is not the Pandits who organize the aarti, but the ashram residents take charge instead.

Rishikesh offers a number of thrilling activities for the adventurous souls, like river rafting, bungee jumping, camping, mountain biking, cliff jumping and even body surging. For those who like challenging themselves, Rishikesh might pleasantly surprise you. Nothing offers more thrill than simply letting yourself go and taking a nice swim in the flowing waters of river Ganges. 

Rishikesh is a quaint city with a very strong atmosphere of divinity. It has numerous temples and find yourself getting lost in the ringing of bells, the chanting of hymns, the offering of flowers and the sight of devotees bursting in and out of temples. There are various caves with Shiv lings and interesting stories of how they came into being. It is an ideal place to seek spiritual refuge while being surrounded by holiness. It is no wonder that so many people from all over the world choose Rishikesh to discover themselves.

There are some very adorable cafes in Rishikesh, some with themes and great food. Little Buddha is one such café and is amongst the most popular places. Even for those who enjoy music, this town has a lot to offer. Since the very famous visit of the Beatles, it is now a popular destination for music aficionados. It has some great cafes with organic food, beautiful décor and gorgeous ambience.

Upcoming courses in Rishikesh

for 200-Hour YTTC (Multi-Style)

  • No. 1
  • Date : 3rd Oct 2019 to 27th Oct 2019
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1800 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1600 USD
  • No. 2
  • Date : 3rd Nov 2019 to 27th Nov 2019
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1800 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1600 USD
  • No. 3
  • Date : 3rd Dec 2019 to 27th Dec 2019
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1800 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1600 USD
  • No. 4
  • Date : 3rd Jan 2020 to 27th Jan 2020
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1800 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1600 USD
  • No. 5
  • Date : 3rd Feb 2020 to 27th Feb 2020
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1800 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1600 USD
  • No. 6
  • Date : 3rd Mar 2020 to 27th Mar 2020
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1800 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1600 USD

Things included in the course-

  • 3 meals from Monday to Friday and Breakfast on Saturday. (Most of the food served is vegan, and some items are gluten free)
  • Accomodation during the course. (You can come 3 days before the course begins and stay back 3 days after the course is over for 500 INR per night)
  • All Yoga props like block, belts, skeletan, yoga mats and other necessary things will be provided.
  • We have our own yoga book, which will be given to every student.
  • A free and open environment for all students to learn and grow.
  • Many hugs, postive vibes and happy smiles 🙂

How to Reach Us

There are 3 ways to reach our center in Rishikesh, namely by Flight, Bus and Train.

  1. Flight – Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport to our center in Rishikesh. It’s around 39 kms from our center. One can take a cab from Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun. It has daily flight from New Delhi and Mubai airport. We can even arrange for a pick up.
  2. Train – The nearest train station to Rishikesh is in Haridwar (About 24 kms). It has daily trains from all major cities in India. You can take a local bus or taxi to Rishikesh from Haridwar.
  3. Bus – You can easily get a bus to New Delhi to Rishikesh. The buses are very comfortable and takes around 5 hours to reach Rishikesh.

Students can book their flight from MakeMyTrip and bus from RedBus. Please let me know if any help is needed with your transport.

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