For those who have been on the pursuit of discovering yourself and spiritual enlightenment, Gokarna is the destination. Located on the coast of Kanwar, Karnataka, Gokarna does not take time to grow on you once you set foot in this lovely town. With the freshness of its beaches and holiness of the temples, it can easily set you free with the very first glance. Forget the crowded beaches and leave all your worries, even if you do not, Gokarna will make sure you do with its charm.

Gokarna’s sanctity and its holiness reflects immensely in its serene ambience as temples compliment its tranquility. It is no wonder that a great number of yoga practitioners have been choosing it for their spiritual journey. The fact that it has not yet gained popularity in conventional tourism has made it a favourite amongst many yoga ashrams and yogis. One can practice their yoga asanas on the beach, surrounded by coconut trees and clean sand, rejuvenating their souls and minds.

We offer a 200-hours teacher training yoga course in this divine town and ensure the most enchanting experience of all times. Our students will experience a life-changing journey in one of the most exotic towns of the country.

Gokarna beach

Gokarna is a smaller version of Goa, we chose Gokarna keeping in mind the peacefull and serene surrouding Gokarna offers as a plus point to Goa. There is much more nature and beautiful beaches in Gokarna, which in-turn makes it a perfect location for Yoga.

Upcoming courses in Gokarna

for 200-Hour YTTC (Multi-Style)

  • No. 4
  • Date : 3rd Jan 2020 to 27th Jan 2020
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1600 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1400 USD
  • No. 5
  • Date : 3rd Feb 2020 to 27th Feb 2020
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1600 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1400 USD
  • No. 6
  • Date : 3rd Mar 2020 to 27th Mar 2020
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1600 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1400 USD
  • No. 7
  • Date : 3rd Apr2020 to 27th Apr 2020
  • Course fee for Private Room : 1600 USD
  • Course fee for sharing Room : 1400 USD

Things included in the course-

  • 3 meals from Monday to Friday and Breakfast on Saturday. (Most of the food served is vegan, and some items are gluten free)
  • Accomodation during the course. (You can come 3 days before the course begins and stay back 3 days after the course is over for 500 INR per night)
  • All Yoga props like block, belts, skeletan, yoga mats and other necessary things will be provided.
  • We have our own yoga book, which will be given to every student.
  • A free and open environment for all students to learn and grow.
  • Many hugs, postive vibes and happy smiles 🙂

How to Reach Us

There are 3 ways to reach our center in Gokarna, namely by Flight, Bus and Train.

  1. Flight – Dabolim airport in goa is the nearest airport to our center in Gokarna. It’s around 150 kms from our center. One can take a cab from Dabolim airport in Goa. We can even arrange for a pick up.
  2. Train – There are 2 train stations close to the center. One is on Gokarna Road, which is about 15 kms from our center and another is in Ankola which is about 22 kms from our center.
  3. Bus – You can easily get a bus to Gokarna from all the major cities in India like Banglore, Mumbai, and Mudgaon.

Students can book their flight from MakeMyTrip and bus from RedBus. Please let me know if any help is needed with your transport.