Chinmay Yoga takes immense pleasure in welcoming you to its in-depth learning experience. This experience is more like an evolution of your life, carving a path to lead a more beautiful and healthy life. For us, at Chinmay Yoga, Yoga is a way of life and not just an activity, which requires a calm mind which is open to transforming and exploring.

We realized that the art of Yoga has turned into a word synonymous with a physical exercise and is treated like any regular physical fitness activity, making it seem like a sport. However, we, as an institute, strongly disapprove of such treatment and do not agree to present the art of Yoga as any common fitness exercises.

Our sole focus remains on reviving the original essence of Yoga, perfecting the body alignment and calming the mind and bringing peace to the soul. We aim at developing the culture of the art form that was followed by Patanjali and has been mentioned in the ancient manuscripts.

While other institutions simply are focusing on making money out of this, we are simply interested in spreading awareness relating to yoga and its benefits. We are an organization with the sole aim of imparting world-class facilities for promoting the art of yoga without making any profit. We only charge for the costs incurred, which includes accommodation, food and yoga teaching experts.

Chinmay Yoga Center

ENVIRONMENT at Chinmay yoga

We seek to provide a healthy atmosphere to all our members wherein we look at everyone individually. This enables them to let themselves free, instead of worrying about competing with the others. We have been training our students to use the art of Yoga as a tool to establish inner peace, gain success and attain self-satisfaction, making this our expertise.

For those who practice Yoga regularly, the result will be very evident in the form of a sound sleep, energetic performance, enthusiasm, and fitness. After the course, our students often write to us about their positive mental health, physical ease, and spiritual uplift.

Our teachers at our school  are extremely experienced and understand the seriousness of this art. We work in various styles and offer a plethora of knowledge relating to this art to our students in the form of a Yoga Expert and classes. Each course will lead to a guaranteed inner transformation bringing immense peace and positivity to those practicing it. We maintain the number of students in a class to ensure individual attention.

You can also read more about people at Chinmay who make this experience possible for you.


In vain have you
acquired knowledge
if you have not
imparted it to others”

We do not believe in making heavy profits from such a noble profession, we believe in spreading knowledge and the power of yoga to change lives.


Our mission is to spread peace, wellness, and positivity through the medium of yoga. Everyone is welcome to our ashram, it is a place to learn every aspect of yoga, including how it helps in purifying mind and soul.

We put in a lot of thought into making our institution’s Yoga Teacher Training environment creative and well balanced. Our focus and aim mainly lie on training our students with all that is required to become an expert yoga trainer.

We, considering our promise to deliver all that needed for becoming a perfect yoga trainer, offer everyone Yoga Teacher Training in the serene location of Dharamshala, Gokarna and Rishikesh. Our institution is an endeavor to carry forward the essence from the message great Himalayan Masters. The message that emphasizes on self-acknowledgment, which is, to be aware of the truth inside and create an extension between the internal and external universes. The journey of discovery of self will lead us to liberate ourselves from all the worry, strengthen ourselves and self-transformation.


We respect and wish to smoothen your journey toward self-realization and prosperity. Our courses aim at diminishing the present worries while relying on the conventional age-old yoga practices. Age and flexibility is no bar, Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala, Gokarna and Rishikesh will always be relevant for you and we will be privileged to be a part of your journey.

Yoga courses in Dharamsala, India


Our classes teach different styles and methods of yoga each, however, they still one typical thing – perfection. Perfection is what makes Chinmay Yoga stand out as the best yoga studio with the highest quality of results. Most of the trainers who are a part of our ashram have completed at least 500 hours of Yoga Alliance affirmed training modules and our senior instructors have an experience of 20 years which has sharpened their skills even more.

Our signature Chinmay Yoga classes direct the exact technique to regulate the breathing to create shallow motion. We also design sequences and offer suitable alterations which would enable one to improvise while practicing. Our themed classes give a more profound understanding of yoga and its relevance in the present day. We take immense pride in our programs which are extremely accessible for people from all walks of life and all ages. Our approach is the trademark for our classes, which is security, generosity, and proficiency in training.

Certified YTT at Chinmay Yoga, India


  • Make yoga prevalent in it’s actual form and help uplift the society
  • Keep the yogic lifestyle and path of life close to nature
  • Promote “Seva”, that is, selfless services
  • Conduct free classes for everyone in the area (Free classes at Chinmay going on from 5 months)

Yoga is a very rich field of study which involves learning about all aspects of living. Even in ancient times, those who sought the yogic lifestyle abandoned the worldly attachments. Yoga, presently, is understood as a guiding light in one’s routine.

The focus is on striking a balance, to attain moksha amidst the material inducements in life.  It is only through self-actualization that one can attain well-being, peace, awareness, and satisfaction.

The most important part of the TTC will be to teach the traditional yoga (Indian style). Few students in the past have joined thinking we would have so called ‘cool’ and ‘fancy’ yoga classes like ‘beer yoga’ and stuff. We do not support or teach such type of yoga. Join us only if you genuinely wanna learn about yoga 🙂


We believe that it is our trainers that form the most significant part of our organization, Chinmay Yoga Teacher Training in India. We, with our practitioner and trainers, oblige all the requirements of all our students, be it, mental, physical or spiritual.

During the same period, they develop their Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice, enhance their insight into yogic theory while training in yoga and living in a real yogic way of life. While training, we discuss asanas using both, the Western and the Eastern styles, we talk about Eastern autonomy along with a Western structure, thus giving our students a complete overview using both the perspectives.

We have a team of the most efficient individuals, who train and organize courses. The varied foundation and education derived by each of our trainers makes the group diverse and helps in guiding through the learning effectively. We train in a very dynamic atmosphere which is extremely friendly, urging everyone to learn and grow with us.

200-hour Multi-Style YTT in Dharamsala, India

Dharamshala, for years now, has been a haven for yogis and explorers. It beautifully collaborates Tibetan and Indian societies, forming a perfect blend of cultures. Chimay Yoga offers Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala in this perfect location, amidst the beauty and the diversity…more

Chinamy Yoga offers a 200-Hour multi style YTTC course which not only provides with a profound knowledge of Yoga and it’s distinct branches but also helps you to undertstand your own body in a much better and efficient way…more

Chinmay Yoga offers a 300-hour multi-style YTTC  which has to be done after completing the 200-Hour course. The 300-Hour course is an advanced course, where you will be learning some advanced techniques for Yoga…more

upcoming course dates for 200-Hour YTTC in Dharamsala

(200-Hour YTTC has Multi-Style and Ashtanga Yoga only, please select the course while filling the application form)

  • No. 1
  • Date: 10th of Dec 2021 to 3rd Jan 2022
  • Course fee for Dormitory Room: 799 USD
  • Course fee for Twin-Sharing Room: 899 USD
  • Course fee for Private Room: 1199 USD
  • No. 2
  • Date: 10th of Mar to 3rd April 2022
  • Course fee for Dormitory Room: 799 USD
  • Course fee for Twin-Sharing Room: 899 USD
  • Course fee for Private Room: 1199 USD
  • No. 3
  • Date: 10th of Apr to 3rd May 2022
  • Course fee for Dormitory Room: 799 USD
  • Course fee for Twin-Sharing Room: 899 USD
  • Course fee for Private Room: 1199 USD

You can enroll for the upcoming courses from by filling our Student Application form.

You can also contact us if you have any queries regarding our Yoga courses!

Your tution fees covers the following:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for weekdays and breakfast on Saturday. We even grow a lot of organic stuff for our students!
  • Accommodation for all days ( You can arrive a few days early and stay back after the course ends ( You can stay at our center 3 days before and 3 days after the course in SINGLE accommodation which is be charged 800 INR extra per night, per person )
  • Useful things like Yoga Mats, Yoga props and other necessary things related to yoga will be provided.
  • A homely environment for all students as we consider them to be a part of our family.
  • All rooms are comfortable and cozy place to stay in. The accommodation in Dharamsala is heated cause it gets cold during winters.
  • Lots of positive vibes.

Accommodation and Food