The increasing awareness about health and fitness has increased our inclination towards having a workout routine and for many, Yoga is the perfect workout! After all, it is one of the few types of exercises which focus on both physical and mental well-being. While many people learn Yoga on a basic level, the Yoga Teacher training can have manifold effects on your life.

how yoga teacher training will transform your life

The yoga teacher training in India is sort of a self-evolution journey that will offer you something which is beyond physical aspect. People generally associate the Yoga Teacher’s training with pursuing a career as a trainer. But even if you are not looking for a career in yoga, here are 10 reasons which would tempt you for the Teacher’s training:

  1. The advanced teacher’s training will let you learn new things about your own body which you probably didn’t know earlier. The journey through several asanas will help you discover how your body reacts to each one of them. This would let you have an idea of what your body is capable of doing and where you need to focus on more practice.
  2. This might come as a surprise but the training will create awareness about your body thereby helping in preventing any injuries for a lifetime. You would do routine activities like walk and run more mindfully. The training will enhance your strength and make you limber forever.
  3. The Yoga Teacher’s training will also help in discovering your inner strength as your limits would be tested while training. Your ability to hold the asana, ability to focus and express your self will be strengthened. Your limits would be pushed for better. By the end of the training, you’d be a stronger individual both mentally and physically.
  4. The experience at the Yoga Teacher’s training is exhilarating and surreal. People who were once strangers now, hold a significant place in your life. You will develop a unique bond with them as you all are away from family and friends.
  5. Since it is teacher’s training, you would be learning advanced techniques will take your yoga practice to a new level. You would learn to pay attention to details, have longer yoga sessions along with awareness about alignment. You might become a pro at asanas which once you only dreamt of doing!
  6. The training will imbibe study of yoga sutra, meditation sessions and chanting which will all help you in enhancing your spiritual awareness and practices. This would help in the long run in having a connection with your deeper self.
  7. The Teacher’s training will help in channelizing your thoughts with help of certain asanas and meditation. This will help in all aspects of life as you experience a mental clarity which also helps in taking right decisions.
  8. The training imparts a sense of fulfillment and help in connecting with your true self. You would discover how unique your mind and body work along with the spiritual practices which will all help in self-acceptance.
  9. Teacher’s training will also enhance your skills of self-expression and communication. You will learn to effectively communicate or translate your feelings and thoughts into words.
  10. The training will make you a confident individual who has been through ups and downs, stumbling and fumbling yet picking yourself up and marching ahead in the journey. At the end of the training, you will walk out confident as to how long you can go and what all you can do. And most importantly, how amazing you are in your own right!


If you can resonate with even one of these reasons, it’s time you pack your bags and leave for the experience of a lifetime. The 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training course at YTT in Dharamshala is one of the best places to master the advanced techniques of Yoga along with re-discovering yourself.


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