Jobs these days’ are quite demanding. Spending 8-9 hours a day to fulfill the professional commitments is a common scenario. The nature of jobs most of us have makes us sit all day long! Thanks to computerization everything is just a click away. However, desk jobs have a negative impact on our bodies. Bad posture, fatigue, indigestion and frozen shoulder along with back pain are one of the common issues that come with a sedentary lifestyle. No matter how energetic you feel in the morning, you start slouching by the end of the day. However, investing few minutes a day in some light exercise such as yoga can help in fighting the damages caused by desk jobs.

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Yoga evokes an opposite reaction thereby restoring normal function of the body. Here’s a look at how yoga postures will help you:

  • It offers stretching of arms, legs, chest, spine and knees
  • Enhance blood supply of brain
  • Toning of abdominal organs
  • Opening the calves, hips and hamstrings
  • It reduces back pain, stress and anxiety
  • Treats frozen shoulder

Mountain Pose- Tadasana at Chinmay Yoga

These basic Yoga poses will prove to be helpful in eliminating damages of desk job:

  1. Mountain Pose- Tadasana

If you are a beginner, Tadasana is the best pose to begin your endeavor with Yoga. Mountain pose is the base of all the advanced yoga asanas and includes working of all major muscle groups.

Advantage- Mountain pose helps in improving your concentration, confidence and mental stability. It also improves the posture and your ability to focus. The asana also offers relaxation to body and relief from back pain.

Caution- People with any kind of recent or chronic injury in shoulders should refrain from the asana.

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  1. Forward Bend- Uttanasana

The uttanasana is also considered as easiest and best pose for the beginners. It is also known as standing forward bend which begins with mountain pose.

Advantage- Forward bend not only helps in lengthening the hamstrings and spinal cord but also offers an overall stretch to the body. It helps in relieving stress from muscles and vertebrae.

Caution- People with back issues or knee injury should keep away from the asana.

Seated forward bend- Paschimottanasana

  1. Seated forward bend- Paschimottanasana

The seated forward bend is useful in stretching the shoulders, hamstrings and spine.

Advantage- The seated forward bend is said to be effective in relieving stress and calming the symptoms of anxiety and mild depression. It also keeps headache at bay. Additionally, the pose can also help people who are aiming at losing some weight as it reduces belly fat.

Caution- People suffering from diarrhoea or asthma should avoid practising the pose or perform under expert supervision.

Tree asana- Vriksasana at Chinmay Yoga

  1. Tree asana- Vriksasana

If you want to stretch almost all joints and muscles in your body, the Tree asana is the best pose for you.

Advantage- The balancing pose will help in lengthening and stretching of the spine, resurrect the posture, improve the leg balance as well as help in strengthening calves, thighs, ankles, and spine. The pose also improves the ability to focus, concentrate and co-ordinate.

Caution- Those with issues such as insomnia, headache or low blood pressure should not practise the asana and people suffering from high blood pressure should refrain from raising the arms overhead.

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  1. Triangle pose- Trikonasana

Triangle pose is also a beginners pose which engages the entire body.

Advantage- It offers a good stretch to legs and help in strengthening the core. Trikonasana also opens the shoulders and hips. The asana stimulates our abdominal organs and improves digestion. It is also helpful in relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Caution- People with injuries in their back, shoulder, and hips should not practise the Triangle pose. People suffering from low blood pressure and diarrhoea should also keep away from the pose.

Triangle pose- Trikonasana

  1. Cobra pose- Bhujangasana

The Cobra is also one of the asanas which help in strengthening majority of the muscles in our body.

Advantage- It strengthens the spine, tones the buttocks, stretches the chest and lungs and stimulates abdominal organs. It also opens up lungs and heart thus beneficial in treating asthma.

Caution- It is not advisable for pregnant women to practise the cobra pose. People suffering from back injury and carpel tunnel syndrome should also keep away for the pose.

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Apart from these basic yoga poses if you are keen on learning advanced techniques of yoga, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Yoga Teacher Training in India is the perfect destination for you. It offers a certified training course for 200 hours which takes you through the nuances of Yoga techniques. If you have a penchant for Yoga, the training course will prove to be a memorable experience for you!





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