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Stretch your mind, body and soul!

There comes a time in life when we get bogged down by the external life so much that we almost lose a touch with our inner life. Professional commitments, family issues, relationship problems and other distractions keep us busy and we hardly get any time to work on the relationship with self. The external life […]

Life is no less than a roller coaster ride. Life is not a bed of roses and it never promises a smooth journey. But you can certainly learn to deal with the situation without losing your emotional stability. All of us have encountered heartbreak and betrayal at some point in time. Life seems unfair when […]

Being a Yoga Teacher is not everyone’s cup of Tea. These 7 qualities will show if you have it in you!

It’s amazing to see how well Yoga has become a part and parcel of our lives. The goodness of Yoga has touched and transformed many lives. It has resulted into so many ardent followers of Yoga who can vouch for the wonders it does! Yoga is an Art, it is vast and deep. The more […]

Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

Jobs these days’ are quite demanding. Spending 8-9 hours a day to fulfill the professional commitments is a common scenario. The nature of jobs most of us have makes us sit all day long! Thanks to computerization everything is just a click away. However, desk jobs have a negative impact on our bodies. Bad posture, […]

The increasing awareness about health and fitness has increased our inclination towards having a workout routine and for many, Yoga is the perfect workout! After all, it is one of the few types of exercises which focus on both physical and mental well-being. While many people learn Yoga on a basic level, the Yoga Teacher […]

Yoga, these days is no more just an ancient practice to stay healthy and fit, it has rather become a lifestyle. Even after being immensely popular, there is still a deficiency in the number of efficient Yoga Trainers in India. Nevertheless, the good news is, there are some excellent training centers that offer Yoga Teacher […]