There comes a time in life when we get bogged down by the external life so much that we almost lose a touch with our inner life. Professional commitments, family issues, relationship problems and other distractions keep us busy and we hardly get any time to work on the relationship with self. The external life overshadows our inner life and it simply fades from the view.

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It is essential to activate our internal life especially during times when certain loss or tragedy strikes the external life. Activating the inner life is the key to reconnect with our personal values and live in sync with them.

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What does activating inner life mean?

Escalating your inner world through ‘internal activism’ helps in experiencing your life, self, and relationships more creatively. To live an internally active life you need to pay attention to yourself. This should not just confine to your activities but also how you behave in day-to-day life and participate in the relationships around you. Paying attention to inner life does not mean the exclusion of external aspects. But during tough times it’s difficult to connect passively with your inner self.

You don’t need a secluded serene destination or a retreat to connect with self; it can be done right where you are through Kriya yoga. Kriya yoga is all about awareness and self-care. It consists of three components namely svadhyaya i.e. self-study, tapas i.e. efforts, and ishvara pranidhana i.e. love. Walking the path of kriya yoga is about exploring the mechanics of life-making.

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What is Kriya?

Kriya signifies internal action which does not involve the mind and body because both of them are external. To master the art of doing actions with your energy is kriya. On the other hand, the external activity is known as Karma. There is a thin line of difference as both of them are karma or kriya in a way. However, if we take the traditional approach, karma is the one which binds you while kriya is the one which releases you.

Our mind and emotions have the tendency to wander or shift frequently and you can’t rely on them. But our energies are different. When our actions are in sync with our energy, it offers depth to life. You discover a new dimension in every aspect of life since your energies have been activated.
Kriya yoga is a potent source to explore your spiritual path but it can be demanding in terms of discipline and exactness is requires. It is easy to read a book and learn about kriya but if you want to be a live testimony of the process, dedication is a must. This might be little difficult considering how hectic our daily life is. But you can try simple ways to remain in touch with your inner self.

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Spending 10-15 minutes of your day in meditation can be an effective way of connecting with inner life. Keep everything aside and breathe. Take a walk alone without your gadgets or stay in bed for extra five minutes. Pay attention to how you feel and what kind of thoughts emerge in your mind. Just like any other form of yoga, kriya yoga too needs practice.

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If you wish to reconnect with your inner self by mastering the art of kriya, Yoga Teachers Training in Dharamsala is your go-to destination. The 200 hour yoga teacher training certified course at Chinmay Yoga will not only take you through the nuances of Yoga but also offer a memorable experience that you will cherish for the lifetime.

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