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Being in a relationship is one of the greatest feelings of the world. To have someone by your side to share all your joys and sorrows is an incredible feeling. However, the same relationships can become the cause of pain and agony if not dealt with proper care and thought. People take resort to several ways for avoiding the pain and work towards the betterment of their relationship, but not many are aware that meditation can actually prove to be a perfect solution for common relationship issues.

If you were wondering how sitting with closed eyes brings peace in a relationship, you need to explore yourself as many researchers back the claim! Some of the most common reasons which create a havoc in your paradise are attention deficit, impatience, and unrealistic or too many expectations. Other significant reasons which cause trouble in a relationship are apprehensions about opening up to your partner and blame game.

Virtue of forgiveness

Here’s a look at how meditation can fix the relationship issues:

  • Creates awareness

Meditation helps in creating a sense of self-awareness in you and helps you in getting a clear picture of who you are and what you want. It further helps in understanding your partner better and establishing a deep bond with them. You gradually tend to overlook their shortcomings. When you begin to look at your partner as a soul and not mere body and personality, you realize their value and importance of their presence in your life. It develops a sense of respect for your partner which resolves many issues between the couple.

  • Brings contentment

How you feel from inside reflects in your relationship as well. If you have a sense of contentment you won’t have complains from your partner and you will be satisfied with what they do. Meditation calms your senses and makes you feel happy and content. It will make you realize the joy of giving instead of demanding all the time. Instead of taking your partner for granted and expecting more and more from them, you would realize your faults and become content with the partner you have been blessed with.

Imbibes sense of self-love at Chinmay Yoga

  • Imbibes sense of self-love

It has been said that in order to love someone else, you first need to love yourself! Meditation helps us in accepting and loving our real-self without any judgments. Self-love brings peace and happiness and enables you to be more loving and affectionate with your partner. It makes you caring and compassionate with your partner which helps in improving the quality of your relationship. When you are indulgent with yourself, you realize your needs; you develop the same approach towards your better half.

  • Virtue of forgiveness

Meditation teaches you to forgive and not hold grudges. It is very important for a relationship to forgive and forget the faults and past of your partner. If you drag trivial issues or hold grudges against your partner for long, it would have a negative impact on your relationship. You won’t ever have a strong foundation of mutual love and trust. Meditation will help in healing and look forward to positive things in your relationship. It teaches you to resolve the issues instead of parting ways with your partner.

YTT in India at Chinmay Yoga

  • Feeling of gratitude

Meditation helps you to develop a positive outlook towards life and appreciate whatever life has offered you. In the process, you also learn to appreciate your partner and feel gratitude towards them. Gratitude takes your relationship places. Without the sense of gratitude, you would simply tend to focus on your partner’s flaws and would never value their presence in your life. Gratitude makes you praise their positives which make your partner feel loved and cherished. It strengthens the bond between two of you.

200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala at Chinmay Yoga

  • Brings happiness

Meditation makes you a better person and helps in bringing out the best in you. It makes you focused, productive and creative which keeps you happy and cheerful. Your happiness reflects in your relationship as well and you won’t mind going an extra mile to please your partner. Meditation fills positive emotions and strengthens your feelings towards your partner.

If you wish to inculcate yoga and meditation in your routine life, what best than going for a professional 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

The Chinmay YogaYoga Teacher Training at Dharamsala will not only make you a pro at yoga but also enable you to make a lucrative career in the field. Pack your bags for an exciting journey ahead!

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